At Sweetforest, our mission is to feed people the most vibrant, delicious and close-to-nature foods we can dream up. Our superfood cookies are carefully crafted with the healthiest ingredients on Earth, packed full of adaptogen herbs for extra vitality and truly delectable to savor. One bite, and you’ll not only feel your best, but you’ll delight in the simple flavors of nature.


Delight in Taste

Celebrate the flavors this planet has to offer...healthy eating doesn’t have to sacrifice on taste.


Nourish through Simplicity

Because we value simplicity, we use organic, plant-based, whole food ingredients.  


Thrive with Adaptogen Herbs

As alchemists and foragers, we’re passionate about eating our medicinal herbs. Click here to learn more about adaptogens.


Interdependence and Sustainability

As humans, we recognize our interdependent nature with this living planet we call home.  This is why we carefully source our ingredients from sustainable and organic companies who are doing good work in the world. Click here to learn where we source our ingredients.

*A note about our packaging: We recognize the unsustainable nature of our current pouches and are working to change this!  As a budding business, we're trying to find a material that's compatible with the natural oils in our cookies and affordable enough to keep our products accessible to everyone. While the current packaging is not recyclable or compostable, it is the lightest weight format we could find, reducing our carbon footprint through the supply chain. 


Everyday Magic

In a world where our daily lives have become fast-paced and complex, we seek to remind our fellow humans of the simple sweetness and magic of the world around us. 

Our Roots


Rachel Klucewicz, CEO/Founder

Rachel studied integrative nutrition and herbal medicine at Goddard College in Plainfield, VT where she received her BA in Health Arts and Sciences. She has studied with numerous clinical and folk herbalists around the country including formal training at the North American Institute for Medical Herbalism in Boulder, CO.  

Back in 2012 Rachel was working as a barista in downtown Boulder, CO. She was tired of handing over sugary pastries to customers, knowing the harm and inflammation these foods cause in the body.  She started making her own healthy but decadent-offerings using simple, wholesome ingredients and nourishing powdered herbs that few people had heard of at the time.  These offerings took on a life of their own and Rachel branded them under the name Mana Cookies.  In 2018, Mana Cookies got a makeover and was reborn as Sweetforest Superfoods, offering 2 new flavors of cookie and the promise of many more to come.