At Sweetforest, our mission is to feed people the most vibrant, delicious and close-to-nature foods we can dream up. We’re passionate about feeding people on all levels: Delighting the taste-buds, nourishing the body, uplifting the mind and enchanting the heart. Can we do all of that with just a cookie, you ask?  Our superfood cookies are carefully crafted with the healthiest ingredients on Earth, packed full of adaptogen herbs for extra vitality and truly delectable to savor. One bite, and you’ll not only feel your best, but you’ll delight in the simple flavors of nature.


Delight in Taste

Life is to be tasted and enjoyed. We believe in celebrating the delightful flavors this planet has to offer. We’re passionate about proving that healthy eating doesn’t have to sacrifice on taste.


Nourish through Simplicity

We’ve seen the movement of “better-for-you foods” catching on and we want to take that a step further to provide the “best-for-you foods.” This is why we use organic ingredients, nourishing plant-based protein from nuts and seeds, healthy fat from virgin coconut oil and only raw honey to sweeten. Because we understand the value of simplicity, all of our ingredients are minimally processed and close-to-nature.  


Thrive with Adaptogen Herbs

Why stop at nourish when you can thrive? What we eat affects how we feel and how we feel affects how we show up in the world. That’s why we add powerful adaptogen herbs to our already healthy treats.  As alchemists and foragers, we’re passionate about eating our medicinal herbs. To learn more about adaptogens click here.


Interdependence and Sustainability

As humans, we recognize our interdependent nature with this living planet we call home.  We believe in making choices that are both healthy for ourselves and healthy for the earth.  This is why we chose to support organic and local sources for our ingredients, and why we chose to use plant-based protein and sustainably-grown herbs.  Click here to learn where we source our ingredients.


Everyday Magic

SweetForest is a place that exists within our hearts and imaginations – a place filled with everyday magic and wonder. In a world where our daily lives have become fast-paced and complex, we seek to remind our fellow humans of the simple sweetness and magic of the world around us. So take a moment, have a cookie and remember that magic is everywhere.